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What is the Kent and Sussex Weald ?

It is an ancient oak forest to the south east of London. It provided the raw material for the wooden ships that travelled the world and made Britain a power to be reckoned with. It also provided fuel and ore for the early Iron Age industry. It has been cleared and worked and loved by generations since long before Julius Caesar came to Britain in 55BC. The vegetable garden for Britain's capital has the unique combination of sheep farming, orchards, market gardening, blue bell carpeted hazel coppices, forest glades and gardens.

The flavour of all this has been distilled by millions of bees and harvested by an army of beekeepers year in, year out, to provide you with the opportunity to savour the mouth watering taste, the flavour no less of the Kent and Sussex Weald.

So you want to try the essence of the Weald, arguably the best taste in the world?
Sorry! - But you have to come to the southeast and get it here - the real taste - the real nectar of the garden of England.

LOCAL HONEY by BEULT HOUSE BEES - Naturally it's good !