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Richard Fryd, A former London teacher took early retirement in 1987 after losing the sight in one eye, developed a hobby, which was part of the 70's "Good Life" dream - beekeeping into a small business with the aid of Margaret Thatcher's enterprise allowance scheme (a clever ruse to reduce the unemployment figures!).He built up over 200 hives in Kent and East Sussex and proceeded to sell the honey.

Now a handful of Kent beekeepers help Richard to supply the increasing demand for the finest honey - marketed under the BEULT HOUSE BEES banner as already stated we are based in the weald of Kent and East Sussex. Bottling is done manually in a small building - 100 metres from the river Beult from which it derives its name.
The house was built in 1881 just above the flood plain of the river Beult. This proved to be a fortuitous choice or site, for although half of the garden was submerged during the floods 2000/2001 the house itself remained high and dry, as did the bottling shed. Other newer properties in the village were not so lucky! The extraction of the honey from the combs is done in various locations around Kent although the main extraction is done on Haylands Farm in Smarden, where beekeeping has been carried on since the Second World War.